The Candy Shop

For anyone with a sweet tooth, the Montana Candy Emporium is nothing short of a dream come true. Rows of buckets full of taffy and other sweets take up most of the store, along with unique signs, displays, and other interesting items. At the front of the store, workers are busy crafting handmade chocolates and fudge.

Candy by the pound–an almost overwhelming selection of sweets.
A display at the corner of the store, also where radio station music can be heard playing.

I spoke with the owner Mike (also the owner of the antique store down the street), who has owned the store for 27 years. A native of Red Lodge, Mike speaks very fondly of his business and his employees. Interestingly, Mike also runs his own AM radio station: “Retro Radio” (1490AM), out of his office in the back of the store. It began when he purchased some old radios for the antique shop, and he realized there really wasn’t anything to be played on them. Now a huge hobby, Mike runs adobe software to organize his music and even makes his own jingles that are reminiscent of retro radio stations of years past.

Mike in his office, otherwise known as Retro Radio headquarters.

The station’s reach is within the town of Red Lodge and plays a little bit of everything from a classic era, including big band, country, rock, lounge, etc.


Upon asking Mike if he had any thoughts about the Town of Red Lodge, he explained that he feels as though he had “one of the last great childhoods” here– speaking with nostalgia about a simpler time in a small town where the kids would “grab the dogs and the 22s” carefree and without certain concerns that are more prevalent in our modern day society.

Montana’s Candy Emporium is an interesting space run by an even more interesting man. Almost like a step back in time–conveniently providing a sugar rush alongside nostalgic radio tunes.

Montana Candy Emporium.