The RiverStone Gallery

Tucked away in a quaint wooden building on the east side of downtown Ennis is the RiverStone Gallery. It is owned by husband and wife Lexi and Bern Sundell. Lexi has been painting since her teens learning from her uncle who was very skilled in oil paints. Bern has been painting all his life. Together they opened a gallery featuring both of their artwork.

Lexi Sundell working on her latest painting of a moose
The artist’s palette

Lexi and Bern both love working with very bight colors. All of their paintings feature bright tones with interesting textures. In their gallery over the summer they get people from all over the world coming into the store. Ennis being on the way to Yellowstone National Park allows for this international exposure.

Bern’s current painting

Their gallery is well lit with light hard wood floors and nice presentation lighting. The studio also has excellent natural light filtering into it which allows the bright colors of the paintings to really pop in the sunlight.

Lexi’s painting of a crow
Lexi’s lone buffalo painting
A wandering grizzly bear by Lexi

Bern has been approached by the Made In Montana company to have his images placed on items such as mugs and canteens to be sold in souvenir shops all around the state of Montana. Below are some of the items that the couple sell wholesale.

Artistic mugs
Not your average canteens
More of Bern’s work

The Nearly New Shoppe

Ennis’ The Nearly New Shoppe. This store is full of new, used and vintage items all donated by residents of Ennis and surrounding areas. It is a great way for people to unload things from their home they no longer need / use and donate them to a good cause.

The front of the store

Upon entering the store I talked to one of the ladies at the front and asked her if I could feature the store in my photography project. Lynn, the manager and owner of the store was more than trilled to have the shop featured. I was able to go behind the scenes and see the back room of the shop where all the sorting and pricing happens.

Boxes of clothing just dropped off
Sorted goods that are waiting to be priced
The pricing station

The back of the store works in sections. There is an area for the newly dropped off items that need to be looked over to make sure they are in sellable condition. Anything that is too beat up / doesn’t work / stinks is thrown out. All other goods are put onto the store floor.

One of the volunteers for the day, Colleen, grabbing cargo shorts to have them priced

Once the items are tagged and put onto the store floor there is a color coded system that begins. Items are tagged with a certain color (white is the color of June). The items from that month last in the store for three whole months and once the time is up, the items are bagged and sent to Bozeman where they are then shipped to Texas where a recycling company pays for the goods by the pound.

The silent auction

The silent auction of the store is a place where high value items are put on silent auction for two weeks. The store does not set the price of these high priced items but instead lets the people of Ennis decide the price through bidding.

Hat stand
Books upon books
Organized clothing
Jewelry & the front desk

This store is all non-profit and donates all the money made at this store. Last year the store made $120,000 that it donated to various charities. One of the largest grants the store gives out is scholarship money to local students looking to get a higher education. This store is also run by the women’s club.

The fantastic volunteers for the day who were so helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks!

The Hidden Places

The hidden places are parts of Ennis that the average tourist or person passing through will most-likely never experience.

Axe and copped wood at the Silvertip Lodge
Intersting stones with an intricate pattern
Small walkway in the middle of downtown Ennis
Old-Time Iron Fence
Overlooking Ennis looking East on the top of a large hill
Secluded picnic bench with flower petals
Bright colors highlighting the motel

The Rodeo

The Ennis, Montana pen sorting competition at the Ennis rodeo grounds. This event drew hundreds of people to the grounds to watch and cheer on those participating.

Dan getting ready to compete in the Rodeo competition

Pen sorting is the sorting of cattle moving them one at a time from one pen to the other. The idea is to mark a specific cow you want to heard into the other pen. Once selected you charge at the cow and attempt to separate it from the group and move it into the smaller cage.

Leather saddles
Horse about to compete

Below are images of the men and women competing to get the cattle from one pen to the other as soon as possible. Everyone works in teams of two. The goal is to get all of the cattle into the smaller pen one by one the fastest.

Woman attempting to block the wrong number cattle from getting into the pen
Man in deep concentration
Men in action
The cattle
Woman getting ready to charge the cows
Singling out the brown cow
Attempting to break up the group

The Legendary Ronald “Doc” Losee

Storytime remembering Ronald “Doc” Losee 1919-2017. This event was a memorial held by the city of Ennis to remember the cherished orthopedic surgeon Doc Losee. This was an extravagant event filled with many emotions. The event drew about 300 people who came to honor the man.

Doc Losee

“I am so damned glad Olive and I chose to do our thing the way we did and where we did it. I’m so damn glad we weren’t fooled by the gods of power, of money, of fear, of hate, of fame. I’m so damned glad we’re human, imperfect, and know those things. I’m so damned glad we needed to little law, that we never sued. I’m so damned glad we could dream, we could think, we could pray, we could work, we could play, and that Olive is my wife and we are parents and grandparents. I’m so damned glad I was a doctor, that I learned so much about life and creativity, and so little of killing and destruction. I am so damned glad that Olive and I were taught to love people, and that we did love people. Like all people,we need our privacy for rest and repose. And, as life is given to us,we shall always come fourth to love some more!” – Ronald “Doc” Losee

Doc’s favorite truck

I am not sure where to begin with explaining this experience. I went to this memorial not knowing what to expect. I didn’t know anything about the man and it was rather intriguing to go to a memorial of someone you have never met before. While walking in, part of me felt as though it was inappropriate to be there, but at the same time seeing all the love and laughter in the room made me feel welcome.

Jerry and Joe from the Lion’s Club Brilliant Bar-B-Que

The memorial began with stories from those close to Losee documenting their time together. Stories came from his son, friends and fellow doctors. Through the stories and from the laughter in the crowd I can see the love everyone in the room had for doc. He was truly a cherished member of the Ennis community and the people loved him.

Memorial table
Dr. Joel Cummings sharing a story of Doc
The Madison Valley Manor Chior singing Doc’s “Little Asshole” song

Doc was an orthopedic surgeon who went to Dartmouth University for undergrad and came to Ennis, Montana. The town was in desperate need of a doctor and Doc went back to Yale to study orthopedic surgery. He came back to Ennis and became the town’s surgeon. He is a world-renowned surgeon in his field and is widely known in the medical community. He was not a greedy doctor and for example surgeries for ‘tennis elbow’ in Bozeman would cost $3,000 but he would only change $184. He was not in the business to make money but to help people. I learned about how caring this man was and the staple he was in the community. It was hard being here surrounded by people who know the man and I know nothing. At the end, Justin Lubke a cinematographer in the town created a beautiful video of doc that included an interview and images of him throughout his life. This was an extremely emotional moment for everyone in the room and a lot of tears were being shed. Even I began to tear up at the beautiful film for a man I never met before. I am happy I went to this memorial and got to know Doc just a little bit even though he is no longer with us because he was a positive light in this world.

The legend himself

Abstract Ennis

My first day in Ennis I couldn’t help but pay attention to the small details around the town. From paint chipping to abstract patterns in glass windows to shadows. The downtown was small but there is a lot of character that goes unnoticed to most. I wanted to capture these beautiful things I saw that many will overlook. Below is my compilation of these objects.

Bike racks lined up along a wall
Lock on a window pane
Chipped paint on a merry-go-round ride
Metal works
Frosted flower pattern on a window
Chipped paint on a lightpost
Glass window at sunset
Shadows at noon
Monochromatic nails
Antique door
A little bit of brick showing through
Chipped paint on a merry-go-round pt. II

A Look Into the Town Economy

Looking to the west standing in the center of the town we can see the entrance into the downtown. There is an American flag in the distance with shops and restaurants lining the road.

Ennis looking west

Ennis has a very large tourist population over the summer because of the abundance of fish (11,000,000 trout) which brings a very large fly fishing culture and West Yellowstone being extremely close. Virginia City which is to the West of Ennis an old time gold rush town that has now been turned into a historical site is also a reason why there are so many tourists coming through the town.

Fishing lures

Colorful fly fishing lurers with sequin used for fishing to attract fish to the hooks. These are sold by The Tackle Shop in downtown Ennis. The store is dimly lit with display lights hitting their products. There is an outdoorsy vibe due to the products carried in the store.

Signs and picture frames

All made in Montana products at this lovely store called My Home in Montana. This store carries only products made right here in our state. The store is full of objects ranging from tourism products (trinkets, etc) to fishing gear, baby wear, jewelry, candy and more.


The Nearly New Shop in downtown Ennis is a non-profit goodwill organization. For more information on this store and what its purpose is, please go to the ‘Nearly New Shop’ tab on the main page where I will delve deeper into this store.

Paintings and jewelry

The RiverStone Gallery. This gallery is owned by a husband and wife who are both painters. The wife, Lexi, does paintings along with creating jewelry. Her husband, Burn makes paintings and also has his work on mugs and canteens.

KH Concrete

KH Concrete is an Ennis, Montana right off the side of the road on Highway 287. It is a concrete company serving Virginia City, Norris and Sheridan. With all the growth that is happening in Montana, Ennis has also seen its fair share creating a lot of business for this small company.

Ennis Cafe storefront

Ennis Cafe a small American diner is one of the only cafes in the downtown area that is open until 4pm. Many of the other restaurants in the town close at 2 or 3pm. This gives the business an edge and drives sales when everywhere else is closed.

Downtown Ennis looking east

Standing in the center of downtown Ennis, here is the view looking east toward the Madison mountain range. Cars full of locals and tourists line the sides of the roads. Parking is free in downtown Ennis!

Dogs of the Town

During my time spend in Ennis I noticed there was an abundance of dogs everywhere I go. I am a dog person and found myself wanting to photograph some of the dogs I see around town. Below are just a few of the dogs I met on my journey exploring Ennis, Montana.


This is Wuff, he is a Bernese Mountain dog and he resides at the Silvertap Lodge. His owners live on the premises and own the lodge. He spends a lot of his time outside during the summer months greeting guests and laying in the grass. Quite the life!


This beautiful black dog is Biggie and he is a mutt. He is eight years old and lives in Ennis. He loves spending his days on the ranch and playing fetch. His owner is a cattle herder and says he loves running around on the open property.


Silver the Mastiff. Silver this three years old and is a full grown 150 pound grey Italian Mastiff. He was born in Italy and the owner purchased him through a breeder in Washington who is friends with the breeder in Italy. He loves to lick and play and I am pretty sure he would be much taller than me when standing on his hind legs. This photograph really does no justice to his size.


This is Lucy, a mixed boarder collie . She is one years old and is very curious when it comes to cameras. Every time my shutter clicked her head turned more and more to the side staring at the lens. She is very energetic and loves to chase ground squirrels and rabbits in her free time. She also loves to watch television.


This is Sugar. She lives at the Madison River Fishing Company store in downtown Ennis. She is a Brittany Spaniel and loves to hangout outside the storefront meeting new people and dogs. She is extremely friendly but appears a little annoyed by my camera lol.

Tap Into Ennis

Tap Into Ennis is Montana’s first combined brewery and distillery festival. It took place on Saturday May 20, 2017 from 3-7 pm at the Lions Club Park in downtown Ennis, Montana. The crowd was filled with both young and old as people celebrated good vibes and beer.

Liquor presented at a booth

There was both beer, wine and liquor at this festival. For a $25 entry fee you get a mug to go around to the different booths and have a sample of their beer. Shots were also provided by vendors.

Live music setting the scene

At the festival there was live music performances that took place. This man is part of a local band that performed for a few hours. The music was relaxing and set the mood.

View of the beer festival from across the Madison
Girl staring off in wonder
Boy enviously watching girls play
Crowd of people listening to live music as they enjoy their beer
Booth owner talks to beer lovers about his product
Couple listening to the music

Ennis Cafe

Lovely Ennis Cafe located at 108 East Main Street is a wonderful small town American classic diner. The building is all wood and features wood and metal artwork above the first floor. It has a very unique look and embodies the western feel.

Outside Ennis Cafe

Upon walking into the restaurant I was greeted by one of the owners, Darline. The diner was buzzing with business and the clanking of utensils as people eat and the sounds of food being cooked in the kitchen.

Front of the restaurant

Small tables line the front picture from windows with red and green booths along the back wall. This cozy restaurant has green carpet with half wood paneled walls.

The back wall of the restaurant

The first time I came here I got the house salad with balsamic vinaigrette. I also added on chicken. I did not know what to expect but the salad exceeded my expectations. It was delicious! And I am someone who does not normally order salads at restaurants.

Chicken salad from Ennis Cafe

On my second trip back to this restaurant I got the chicken tenders with sweet and sour sauce with the house salad on the side. The tenders were not homemade but were still pretty good.

Chicken tenders with sweet and sour meal

After finishing my meal I met the owners of the restaurant. Their names are Bob and Darline and they have been married for 33 years. Both live in Ennis and have run this restaurant for a few decades. Currently, the property is up for sale and they are looking to sell the property. The future of Ennis Cafe is unknown because the new owner may not want to run the cafe. Bob and Darline and looking forward to retirement and enjoying themselves in southwestern Montana.

Bob and Darline the owners of Ennis Cafe