Beartooth Rally

July 15th marked the start of the 23rd annual Beartooth bike rally. Motorcyclists gather from all over the US to ride the highway, and use the town of Red Lodge as a base.

Bikes of all shapes and sizes from all different areas line Red Lodge’s main street. 

Bikers gathered in Red Lodge on Friday night, filling the streets and bars with the scent of Bud Light and cigarettes–but in the best way possible.

Many people set up tents where they sold rings and leather accessories among other things–and there was even a pop up tattoo shop open though the weekend. One couple was selling rings and metals that were “true frequency” products–meant to “generate fluctuating anisotropic energetic potential”, “increasing coordination and strength and enabling you to fulfill energy demands with greater efficiency” (from their flyer).

Charlie Little and his wife, selling their True Frequency products.
“Tips to pet my boner” seen at another pop up stand selling rings and other biker related products.






This rally is huge for the small town of Red Lodge, and an extremely interesting gathering of a unique culture and group of people, who all come here with the same intent of rallying through the Beartooth Highway with other like minded individuals.

A group of bikers gather at the local gas station on Saturday morning before the rally officially begins.