Alternative Lodging

Part of what makes Red Lodge so incredible is its proximity to not only the Beartooth highway and mountain range, but also the national forests and hiking spots located all over the area. There are definitely plenty of options to get outside and even save some money on a hotel room in town. (Just don’t forget your bear spray).

A 10-20 minute drive along a dirt road has potential to take you to some incredible places.

There are around 20 Campgrounds within the Beartooth Ranger District. The different grounds vary in terms of size, camper or trailer access, dates open, price, and whether or not they have bathrooms, water, hosts, etc. With so much variety, it is easy to find a site that fits specific need and wants of campers.

Due to my status as a broke college student, I focused on finding sites with no fees associated–and still managed to stay in some incredible spots.

The Palisade campground is located off the West Fork Road just a few miles outside of town. There are only four spots–so if trying to camp here during peak tourist season it is wise to get here and set up camp fairly early. While visiting in late May/early June I didn’t run into any problems getting a spot here later in the afternoon.

The view from the Palisades campground.
An abundance of trees and wildlife makes this spot feel calm and secluded.







The area features many hiking trails and is friendly towards larger groups trying to camp in one spot. It is very ideal if you’re wanting to get away but still be able to reach town fairly quickly.

Grassy meadow makes an ideal spot to pitch a tent.

If you’re willing to drive a little further outside of town, or are coming from the scenic Beartooth Highway, the M-K site is another incredible, free option. It is off of the same road as two other campgrounds, so there are multiple options within the same area if you’re looking for something a little different.

This campground is not hosted and has no amenities aside from a rock fire-pit. It has about ten sites and offers some incredible views of the Beartooths, the mountain highway, and the night sky.

Mountain and highway views visible from the wooded tent site.
Whatever campsite fits specific needs of the camper, it is important to come prepared with a car that can get where you are trying to go and all the necessary supplies. (i.e. bear spray!)

Whether you’re trying to get away for the night and not looking to stay in a hotel, or are planning an intensive get away, Red Lodge and the surrounding area offers plenty of options that can fit a variety of camping experiences.

View from the M-K campsite.